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Who we work with:

Our expertise extends not only to working directly with clients but also collaborating with foreign trade and investment offices, professionals in diverse fields such as Real Estate, Estate and Wealth Planning, among others. With our multilingual team and central location in Miami, we serve clients throughout the US and across the globe.



 We collaborate with attorneys by providing valuable insights into the financial implications of legal decisions. We work closely with your attorney helping mutual clients navigate complex tax laws as well as helping with their tax reporting requirements.

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Estate Planning and Wealth Management professionals


While your estate planning professional specializes in estate planning, wills, trusts, and probate matters, we contribute our expertise in areas like tax-efficient wealth transfer, estate tax planning, and investment strategies with the goal of creating comprehensive plans to protect and transfer client’s assets efficiently.

 We work alongside your financial advisor in developing tax-efficient investment strategies. We provide ongoing tax support to your financial planning process such as answering tax questions and providing guidance on new tax laws.  

Real Estate Professionals


Real estate transactions often involve complex tax considerations. Whether you're a realtor seeking expert financial guidance for your clients or an individual looking to invest in real estate, we collaborate closely with you to help in the decision-making process, ensure tax liabilities are minimized and compliance with relevant tax laws is achieved.

Entity Formation and Structuring: We assist real estate investors in determining the most suitable entity structures for their US investments. By carefully considering tax implications, we help clients establish entities that protect their assets and provide the most tax advantages.

ELBA Global 


Our firm is a proud founding member of the Elite Legal & Business Advisors, ELBA Global. ELBA was founded in 2019 by a distinguished group of international attorneys and certified public accountants with the object of establishing an international network to expand the global reach of its members, enabling them to provide services to their clients in other countries. ELBA Global has a growing member base spanning five continents.

SM Tax Advisors


SMTaxAdvisors  is a partnership of independents Certified Public Accountants in the United States providing tax and business advisory services with an emphasis in foreign individuals and organizations with operations in the US. Its key partners are located in New York, New Jersey and Florida.

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